Eyelash extensions has been around for a long time, and at Lashes in Style we educate our clients on how to look after them so here is  aftercare instructions: 

Can I use swimming pool straight after treatment?

At lashes in style we suggest to keep your lash extensions dry for the first 24hrs after the appointment. The main reason for it is because not only they may fall out a bit sooner but while the glue is fresh it may mean that the vapours may sting and cause discomfort. 

Can I still use mascara? 

Eyelash extensions is a great substitute for mascara and we recommend to refrain from using it over the extensions. It will help you to enjoy extensions longer and will stay fresher. 

Eyeliners! Ah! Can you or can you not? 

The answer – you can as long as it’s fully removed at the end of the night and doesn’t clog the in between lash area (waterline of upper eyelid). Another important part is that it should be water based rather than waterproof and the reason is that waterproof eyeliners will inevitably be harder to remove and would clog up the extensions. 

Is taking breaks essential?

While having eyelash extensions is safe for your lashes, our qualified lash stylist would suggest to take a break if the lashes are getting shorter or finer. In that case we recommend not remove extensions and use lash growth serums as well as organic products like castor oil; with the latter you need to use a very small drop across the lashes and avoiding the contact with eyes (otherwise the vision may become blurry). Castor oil is a great source of vitamins and amino acids that are needed for healthy lash growth. 

My lashes shed a lot more than usual? What should I do?

It’s OK to shed around 5 lashes per day but it is very common for lashes to shed a lot more in the spring time. It starts in February/March and can last for about 1 to 2 months. It is the time of the year, when we start losing more hair than we would in the summer and winter. Some clients have noted that in autumn they also shed a lot. New lashes will grow quite fast and after a few weeks will become strong and it would get back to normal cycle. 

The cause of the shedding is the change of the hormone level in our body. The exposure to the sunlight increases, which reduces production of melatonin, and that interferes with hormone levels. There is nothing to worry about – it’s absolutely normal. 

Can I still use my eye-creams or eye serums?

You can as long as it doesn’t get on the lashes. Usually we can see that it doesn’t affect the retention however in rare cases of using some products clients have reported to us that the extensions fell out sooner. So we leave that choice to you as we also understand that some clients have a facial routine they go by. 



We hope that we’ve answered your questions, however if there’s anything you’d still like to know we would be happy to answer them and give you a full consultation. You can just call us on 07920760151


Lashes In Style team