Eyelash Extensions – Removal

Eyelash Extensions - Removal

Eyelash extensions removal is simple and easy with professional products we use at Lashes in Style.

It is the safest and damage-free treatment.

About the service

If you want to give your natural lashes a rest and get rid of your old eyelash extensions please don’t try to do it yourself!

It’s absolutely harmless if done professionally, we use high quality professional products that are not available to non-lash artist.

You can easily damage your lashes by trying to remove them with oils or steaming.

Only professional remover is used to take them off.

This procedure only takes 20-25 mins.

  • Eyepatches are applied like with any lash extensions procedure. That will ensure that no lash remover touches your skin.
  • The cream lash remover is applied and we let it soak for 3-5 mins.
  • After the glue is dissolved your old lashes are carefully removed ensuring your real lashes are not damaged.
When it comes to choosing your preferred style of eyelash extensions, there really is no right or wrong answer.
If in doubt our professional lash artists will be happy to advise you on the look that will suit you best!