After your treatment there’s some aftercare that we recommend to follow. 

We advise to avoid getting eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours of application. After that you can get them wet without worry. Using shampoo on them and rinsing them is a good idea. 

Please…  please …please DON’T use mascara on them. Lash extensions are a great alternative to mascara so using mascara over them will only create a coating that will be extremely difficult to remove and if you try to use any cotton pads or wipes it would inevitably pull some of your extensions out and it would feel very uncomfortable. It’s better to keep extensions clean of mascara. While you can use eye makeup and eyeliner it’s important to keep extensions clean by removing makeup properly and shampooing your extensions. 

We recommend to refrain from greasy products like moisturisers/creams/oils getting on the lashes. Just like with mascara it would create a coating that would likely to collect all the dust, makeup residues and sweat/natural oils that we produce on extensions and it would be harder to keep them hygienic and have good retention. 

When we carry out the treatment we will give you a little mascara brush to keep your lash extensions in tact. So just like you would brush your hair daily, we recommend to brush your extensions to keep them in right shape. 

Do not perm or tint lashes after lash extension application. It it’s likely to deform the extensions or deboned them from natural lashes. 

Do not use a regular eyelash curler to curl Extensions (you won’t need to curl your extensions).

Do not pull your lash extensions, as it will take out your own lash as well and it may cause a long term damage to lash follicles as well. 

Don’t use Sauna for at least for 48hrs from lash application. The glue is still fresh and it may sting if you are exposed to a high heat. 

Do not try to remove the Extensions on your own, removing them professionally will avoid harming your natural lashes.

Do not cut the Extensions (you may cut your own lashes). After having initial application done, some of your lashes will grow out and may stick out from the rest of the range, we advise to never try to cut them as it would cause a damage, it’s better to book infills and we will bring them back into shape!