Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume
Eyelash Extensions

If you want lashes that flutter and shine, there is no substitute for the perfect eyelash extension treatment.

Let the talented eyelash artists at Lashes In Style give you fuller, lusher lashes!

About the service

Full Russian Volume Eyelash Treatment with great coverage for when you really need to make a statement.

  • First, our therapist preps your eyes with eye pads and tape and cleans your eyelashes with a prep solution.
  • Then, each individual lash is carefully glued in place according to your desired look.
  • Lastly, our therapist combs your eyelashes to finish the look.

What is Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian Volume Lashes has completely revolutionised the lash extensions market. So when we talk about 3-4D lashes that means 3-4 lashes in a fan per one of your natural lash.

They are ultra thin so they feel soft, looks fuller and a fan of 3-4D weighs around the same as 1 Individual extension. 

Russian Volume Lashes give that great coverage for when you really need to make a statement.

How do I take care of Russian Volume Lashes?

Like with Individual and Hybrid eyelash extensions our experienced professional lash artists will prep your lashes by cleansing and priming them before treatment. That would mean they are attached to clean lashes that will last you longer.

However there few tips you could use to make sure they last you well:

  1. Please avoid using oil based products on your lashes before your appointment.
  2. Please keep them clean. A lot of clients underestimate how important it is. If you use eye makeup and especially eyeliner it’s crucial to wash it all off before you go to sleep!
  3. The lifespan of a natural eyelash is up to 3 months and it will inevitably shed. To maintain your lashes we recommend you to book infill appointments every 3-4 weeks so your lashes are fresh and beautiful!
  4. For the first 24 hours after treatment you should avoid getting them wet as the glue may still sting if comes in contact with water. After that, you should wash them every day, pat dry gently and brush with a clean mascara wand which we provide at the end of your appointment.
When it comes to choosing your preferred style of eyelash extensions, there really is no right or wrong answer.
If in doubt our professional lash artists will be happy to advise you on the look that will suit you best!