At Lashes In Style we thrive to deliver the best eyelash extension services in London. We have a long list of celebrities we look after from models to book authors, from TV presenters to actresses. Lash extensions is what we are passionate about and we do our very best to be your first choice when it comes to lash extensions. Our lash stylists have been professionally qualified and believe that lashes make everything a little better:) it’s important to feel happy and sometimes it lashes that make you feel that way!

 We have a great choice of lashes: 

  1. Individual eyelash extensions (also known as classic lashes) where extensions are individually applied to your natural lashes. We apply one single extension to one of yours. This could be as natural or as dramatic as you wish depending on the amount of lashes you naturally have. Most of the times clients choose individual eyelash extensions when they want to have a “mascara effect” look! Click here to book your appointment now
  2. Russian volume eyelash extensions (often referred to as “Hollywood lashes) are very popular and they also can be as natural (2D-3D) or as dramatic (6D-8D) as you want. However it’s important to keep in mind that we want to keep your lashes healthy and it depends on your natural lashes if we can make them really full and dramatic if you wish so. When you come in for the first time one of our professional lash stylist will assess your lashes and consult you on what would suit you best. To book your consultation or an appointment please click here
  3. Hybrid eyelash extensions is a mixture of individual and volume lashes. We offer hybrid lashes when a client can’t decide whether to go for individual lashes or volume. It’s a great balance because hybrid lashes still look quite nice and full (because of the volume) but fairly natural because of individual lashes. With hybrid lashes we can also achieve a “Kylie Jenner” wispy and fluffy effect! Get yours booked here

If you still not sure what to go for and have a question please don’t hesitate to call us on 07920760151 and one of our lash stylists will be happy to help!