Well, just like with any treatments there are some pros and cons! 

The main advantage of eyelash extensions is that:

  1. It’s a great alternative to the regular mascara that needs to be applied daily and cleaned at the end of the day which together takes up quite a lot of time compare to lash extensions. 
  2. No panda eyes in the morning! Compare to mascara that leaves black circles under your eyes in the morning, lash extensions will always keep you looking fresh from early morning:)
  3. Eyelash extensions usually last nicely for 3-4 weeks so you can forget about makeup routine because a good set of lashes can give a fresh look that will substitute makeup!
  4. Some people are allergic to mascara ingredients and their eyes would go red and irritated by the end of the day, so lash extensions then would save the situation.
  5. The results from eyelash extensions treatment are aesthetically pleasing and you can see results straightaway. Correctly applied lashes will complement your features and give a younger looking effect without a face lift! 
  6. It doesn’t damage your lashes (if applied correctly, of course) compare to mascara if you had to apply/remove it daily. 
  7. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are perfect for a date occasion when you want to make a good impression compare to a strip lash extensions that sometimes detach at the most inconvenient time! 
  8. Perfect holidays treatment! If you planning to be swimming a lot or going to a hot country, lash extensions would always be a better choice vs regular make up/mascara. You would always be camera ready for those beautiful selfies 🙂 

Cons (if you wish to call it that) are: 

  1. It’s very likely that after trying this treatment you would feel addicted to having them done :)) so for some clients it’s an occasional treat while for others it becomes a routine! So it’s the cost. 
  2. There could also be a reaction to lash extensions glue (hardly ever happens but possible).                                  

We can’t think of anything else in here not many cons compare to advantages that you would have when you have your lashes done!

So what are you waiting for? Book your lash treatment with one of our stylists and see for yourself!